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Ron Van Gilder Prints

  • Breaking Cover - Whitetail Deer
  • Night Lights
  • Spring Elegance - Wood Ducks
  • The Good Old Ways - Moose
  • The High Life - Dall Sheep

Ron Van Gilder lives and paints in Minnesota and has spent his life honing his wildlife painting skills. He is trained as a photographer and graphic designer, but taught himself to paint. He enjoys the outdoors and hunting, and gains ideas and reference materials from his personal experiences in the field.

Van Gilder’s artwork is known for its intense realism, which Van Gilder achieves by use of highlights and meticulous details. Many of his compositions present a unique perspective or viewpoint which is unusual for most wildlife artwork. Wild Wings offers an incredible selection of his artwork, including original oil paintings, prints, and pencil and charcoal sketches.

Ron Van Gilder is passionate about the natural world and assists in efforts to protect wildlife and preserve their habitats. Of the relationship between his outdoor experiences and artwork, he says, “My paintings reflect these encounters and are my way of sharing the experience. I hope that others will appreciate the places and subjects I find so enjoyable to paint.”