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Additional Artists

Works displayed are limited edition, signed and numbered prints. For availability and pricing contact us directly by calling 413-534-1680, email themuseframing@aol.com, or come visit the showroom.

David A. Maass

David Maass’ career and experience as a wildlife artist spans over fifty years. Considered to be some of the finest in the wildlife and nature artwork genre, David’s diligent study and dedication to his work set his artwork apart, earning rich accolades from his peers and admiring public.

  • Breaking Skies Canvasback
  • Daybreak Descent - Canada Geese

Michael Parkes

Michael Parks – Magical Realist. What is unusual about Michael Parkes is that in his images metaphysical and spiritual elements are joined into reality.

  • Dark Sphinx Michael Parkes

Dean Morrissey

Dean Morrissey has been drawing and creating characters since his childhood in Boston. Inspired by Disney matte paintings and comic book heroes early on, he grew to appreciate the works of the masters, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Pyle and N.C. Wyeth. Morrissey worked a variety of job until deciding to paint full time in the late 1970’s. 

  • Father Christmas
  • The Lightship
  • The Magic Door

John Dawson

All his works display a meticulous attention to detail, supported by extensive research, interviews, personal experience in the field and eighteen-hour days at the drawing board. Although inspired by the remarkable terrain of the West, Dawson traded that environment for the tropical rain forests of Hawaii after a recent assignment in America’s fiftieth state.

  • Ready for the Attack
  • Taking a Break
  • The Attack

Susan Bourdet

Wildlife artist Susan Bourdet’s beautiful creations convey strong sentiment and a true understanding of nature. Bourdet has mastered the temperamental attributes of watercolor to provide her audiences with a unique perspective on nature. 

  • Country Garden - Cedar Waxing
  • Victorian Season's - Winter
  • Summer Banquet - Chichadees
  • Gardener's Helper
  • Fall Apple Harvest - Purple Finch

Scott Kennedy

From the glories of nature to the playfulness of sled dogs to the smile of a child, Scott Kennedy has journeyed all over the American and Canadian wilderness to discover there’s no place like home.

  • Miracle Mile
  • Fishing Buddies
  • Aurora

Richard Clifton

Richard Clifton was born in Delaware in 1961.  He lives on a historic family farm adjoining the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, where he is surrounded by inspiration for his art.  He is a self-taught wildlife artist who has chosen acrylics as his medium.

  • Afternoon Mallards - Richard Clifton
  • October Morning Richard Clifton

Jeffrey Barson

Jeffrey Barson was born in Logan, Utah in 1966. A move to England when he was nine allowed the budding artist to explore a wide variety of art while traveling through Europe.

  • Lady of Shallot
  • Romeo and Juliette
  • Scarlette on the Staircase

James Gurney

James Gurney is the artist and author best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia. He specializes in painting realistic images of scenes that can’t be photographed, from dinosaurs to ancient civilizations. He is also a dedicated plein air (outdoor) painter and sketcher, believing that making studies directly from observation fuels his imagination

  • Garden of Hope
  • Palace In The Clouds
  • Santa Claus

Fredrick Phillips

Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1953, Frederick Phillips studied Fine Art at Burslem College of Art….His atmospheric paintings are like half-remembered dream images, glimpsed briefly as we awaken. As the artist himself has stated:

“Originally, I was inspired by the Surrealists, and even today my paintings are not realistic portraits of the world about me. My work is about memory; I don’t paint what I see, but the memory of what I have seen”.

  • Frederick Phillips
  • Geometry
  • Thunderhead

George Stavrinos


Famous fashion illustrator George Stavrinos (1948–1990) created artwork that was characterized by its strong draftsmanship, and as a fashion artist, he created an arresting new look that set the pace for his contemporaries and still continues to be an influence. Known for his advertising for Bergdorf Goodman and famous illustrations for New York City Opera, The New York Times and magazines such as GQ and Cosmopolitan.

“The Letter”:

  • The Letter - George Stavrinos Cover
  • The Letter - George Stavrinos Inside Cover
  • Vision - The Letter - George Stavrinos
  • The Letter - George Stavrinos
  • The Messenger - The Letter - George Stavrinos
  • Swept Away - The Letter - George Stavrinos

Brett Longley

  • Gesundheit - Dalmation - Brett Longley
  • Quack Attack - Brett Longley